What will be the temperature range?

Temperature shall generally revolve between 0-5 degrees during daytime while in Leh. During trekking daytime temperature shall revolve between -5 to 5 degree. Night temperature can plunge up to -20 degree

What about accommodation during Chadar trek?

During the period of Chadar trek most of the hotels or accommodation places in Leh will be closed as this is not a tourist season. Very few of the hotels will remain open. Accommodation will be provided in a standard hotel in comfortable rooms. Rooms will be triple/quad sharing basis. No personal room can be guranteed

What kind of hotels will be provided for accommodation at Leh?

Palace View/ Mount Castle/ Bimla Guest House/ Dolma Guest House or similar kind of guest houses.Accommodation will be arranged either of these options/ similar while in Leh

You can also opt for the deluxe hotel (Hotel Zen) stay in Ladakh. Hotel zen is the only hotel in Leh of 4 start category. In that case you need to pay 4000/- Rs. extra for two nights stay in Leh.

Is heating system available in Hotel?

Heating system will be there in the rooms of Leh hotel. While we select hotels with heating system, functioning of those is beyond our control. We will not be liable if the heating system malfunctions at this extreme weather.

What kind of accommodation it will be in hotel, and also in tents?

Triple/Quad sharing rooms will be provided in hotel. Twin/triple/quad sharing tents during trek shall be provided

I do not want to carry my rucksack while trekking on Chadar. What option do I get?

You can hire a porter who will carry your bag which should not weigh more than 12 kgs. This will help you to trek on the frozen river of zanskar without any burden. The normal rate of porter will be 800/- per day per bag which may increase during the season. If you need a porter then booking one beforehand would be advisable.

Do you provide any non-veg meal during Chadar Trek?

No non veg food can be provided. Sumptuous vegetarian meals containing Rice/Roti, dal, vegetables, potato etc. will be provided

Do I get hot and safe drinking water during trek?

Stoves will be carried by porter. Zanskar river water will be used as drinking water after boiling

Why the water is available in limited quantity in Hotels?

It’s the set practise of the region. In any extreme weather region fuel costs a lot. So the hot water in hotel/guest house will be provided in limited quantity.

What kind of clothing I need to carry during the trek?

We shall share a list of what to carry once your booking is confirmed. You must carry enough warm clothing suitable for this freezing weather.

Is Chadar trek safe for Girls?

Each group will have oxygen cylinder, first aid medicine kit containing medicines required to handle high altitude sickness problem. As this is a hard graded trek, chances of physical strain is always there.

If any critical situation arises for any of the trekker then decision of the group leader of Chadar trek will be final and has to be obeyed irrespective of age, gender etc

I am a solo traveller. Can I join Chadar trek in Ladakh?

You are more than welcome to join any of our fixed departure Chadar trek groups in Leh.

What if the Chadar trek ends midway due to adverse weather or any other external reason? How much refund can I expect?

If the trek gets cancelled due to bad weather, authority intervention, army intervention or for any other unforeseen circumstances then no refund can be possible once the trek starts. For detailed terms of refund please see the terms and condition section above.

Is Chadar trek risky?

Any high altitude trek in Himalayan region has a risk component associated with it. So does Chadar trek.

What kind of shoes to use during walking on Chadar?

Gumboots are required while trekking on the frozen river. One can bring his/her own or rent from Leh market.

What about washroom facility? Do you provide toilet tents?

Dry toilet pit tents will be there during trek. While staying in Leh guest house, in case the pipes gets stuck by frozen water due to cold, you have to use common toilet. Through Tus you are getting Chadar trek best price and you will get all possible basic facilities required for this famous trek on frozen Zansker river.

Can you arrange additional stay before or after the Chadar trek?

We cannot confirm you right now. But we will try to help you getting extra accommodation if needed before or after Chadar trek

What is the group size for Chadar trek?

There is no minimum group size. Generally in a group there will be approx. 12-14 people.

Will you provide pick up from Airport to reach the hotel in Chadar trek?

No. We do not provide pick up and drop to and from Hotel. You will be informed the name of the hotel where you will be staying prior to the trek so that you can easily come from the airport via shared taxi.

How many guides accompany the batch?

A team of Guide, porters will be there with each batch

What all things do we need to carry for the Chadar trek?

Will share a list once you book

Do you provide trekking poles and micro spikes?

No. Trekking poles are your personal. Micro spikes are not generally required. You need gaiters and Gumboot. Those you need to bring on your own

How do we need to prepare for Chadar trek and what are the challenges that we may face there?

Physically fit trekkers should not face any issue. So be physically fit and try to avoid alcohol, smoking etc. at least 3 months prior from trek date.

Main challenge is AMS. Physically unfit people are more prone to caught by AMS. But we have a full acclimatization day there to get accustomed with altitude.

Is there any medical team that accompany us during Chadar trek?

No. Medical team is available in Leh. Guides who are well versed with handling AMS will accompany you with first aid kit.

How long do you will walk on the frozen river during Chadar trek?

On an average you will be walking for 5-7 hours per day. The aim is to reach the camping point by noon so that the rest of the day you can explore the beauty of Chadar or relax.

Will there be any possibility of changing the trek route during the trekking?

Chadar trek is not like any other normal trek. It is hugely dependent upon the weather, river and other climatic conditions. During the trek if needed the trek leader can change the trek to avoid any delay, mishap or any possible unwanted situation.

What kind of level of fitness is required for Chadar trek?

Chadar trek requires optimum level of fitness. People with obesity, blood pressure issue, breathing or asthma problem are requested not to take risk of doing Chadar trek.

What type of transportation will be arranged from Leh to the trek start point?

Tata Sumo, Tempo traveler, Gypsy etc. will be arranged for surface transport during Chadar trek 2017. These vehicles will be arranged to reach Chilling from Leh and come back after the trek completion

Will you arrange trekking shoe, trekking poles or jackets etc. on Rent if I book Chadar trek via TripHippie?

No. We do not arrange any kind of rental for our trekkers. We always advise people to go prepared. Jackets, trekking poles, shoes, gumboots etc. are for your personal usage so you should bring those along with you.

What if the trek gets cancelled and we have to come back to Leh midway? What will be the accommodation scenario?

The cost of any extra accommodation in Leh for any reason has to be paid by trekker. It is a budget Chadar trek and only two nights accommodation are included while in Leh 

Is Airport transfer is included in the Chadar trek package cost?

No. To and from transfer from Airport to Leh hotel is not included in the package. Trekkers can easily hire a cab from airport to hotels as the hotels are situated in prominent area of Leh city. Name of the hotel where accommodation for Chadar trek participants will be arranged will be shared with the participants later

What about the shoes? What kind of shoes should I buy?

Quechua, Zamberlan, Lafuma, Conquest and The North Face are some of the high quality high altitude trekking shoes. Please mind only high ankle covered shoes are fit for Chadar trek. Also, gumboots are very effective provide great resilience.

Risks associated with Chadar trek

While embarking on any high altitude trek we need to understand that certain amount of risk is associated with it. Chadar trek is also not an exception of this. Rather, due to its extreme temperature and wilderness and trekking condition it is regarded as a difficult trek. So it has certain risks associated with it.

(AMS Acute Mountain Sickness)

Chadar trek best time is january to February, when its extreme cold in Ladakh. Due to its extreme condition it is common that trekkers can caught AMS. The symptoms of AMS is headache, nausea or general discomfort in your body. If you feel any of these prior trekking or during trekking DO NOT ignore rather contact the trek leader immediately. The trek leads at are expert in Basic first aid and handling AMS.

Weather in Ladakh

We all understand the weather in Himalaya is unpredictable and can not be controlled or predict to 100% accuracy. Ladakh is also not an exception. The temperature can change abruptly or a storm can hit the Zanskar river anytime without any prior indication. So, if there is a slightest chance that the trek can be hampered and trekkers safety may get compromised the trek leaders will take decision best suited for trekkers. In that case, trek leaders and guides will take final call which all members have to abide by.

Lack of communication

We all know Ladakh is a truly remote region. And in that Zanskar is one of the remotest places. No long range communication device works there. So, for the entire period of Chadar trek you will be cut off from all kind of sophisticated communication. Trek leaders generally rely on walkie-talkie or runner who carries message from group to group. So, you will be detached from the outside world for those 7 days 

Zanskar is the frozen Chadar river in Leh Ladakh and attracts travelers from all around the world who want to experience this extravagant phenomena in a harsh winter environment. Cases of injuries, deaths have been reported earlier due to lack of preparation, proper guide, absence of proper experts in team etc. etc. So it is always advisable to do Chadar trek with proper preparation and professionals who organize the trek professionally.